Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Carl Freer Un-Plugged On March 6

Carl Freer told me in New York on February 5, 2008 that he was planning a tour to a dozen American universities, where he will tell the story of Gizmondo from an entrepreneur’s point of view. "I’ll be talking about what went wrong, " he says and promises to take any questions the students want to ask.

"They could see me get shot down, and make an ass of myself, or I will come out intact from meeting this key demographic group. And I will get shot down if anything I say is not the truth. You can’t fool these kids, and I look forward to the hard questions," Carl Freer said.

I look forward to the hard
questions, says Carl Freer.
Photo: Hans Sandberg

"What I want to do is basically to put the cards on the table, and tell them how it is. What I want to achieve is an understanding of what the product is and of what went wrong, and how."

The tour is arranged by the PR-firm Sitrick and Company, which among its clients also counts hollywood stars such as Halle Berry, Danny Glover and Paris Hilton.

First stop in the Carl Freer tour will be Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, where associate professor Blair MacIntyre uses Gizmondo handhelds that he picked up on eBay to teach augmented reality (AR). The idea for a tour grew out of discussions between Blair MacIntyre and Carl Freer about the tech university's AR-program. Blair MacIntyre likes the fact that Gizmondo has an open platform, is relatively powerful, robust and cheap compared to Sony PSP and the Nokia N95. Besides, Carl Freer was eager to support the school, both with development kits, tech support and scholarships.

Hans Sandberg

Postscript, January 21, 2009: Nice idea, but the tour never happened! Carl Freer said, when I asked him about at the end of the summer of 2008, that he didn't have time to do the tour. Was it a PR trick, a sexy idea to throw out there, for media consumption? Or was he just flapping? I don't know.

Watch Carl Freer speak at Georgia Tech live on Thursday at noon (EST).

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