Sunday, November 2, 2008

On Gizmondo's Promised Revival, Rusty Car Batteries & the Medieval Treatment

It’s hard to please everybody. Hence I'm facing a gruesome threat from a blogger who seems to lack both good taste (see his screen name) and common sense (a rusty car battery may not do the job). But, he assures me, if I "told the truth" he might spare me the “medieval treatment” (did they use car batteries back then?) or a free trip to Gitmo (medieval enough I guess.)

on Sept. 11, 2008
I'd like to see this journalist Hans Sandberg hooked up to a lie-detector while his balls were connected to a rusty car battery. If he told the truth about actually seeing and experiencing the Gizmondo 2 then its all good. If he lies then he gets the medieval treatment to his gonads. Or just send him down to Guantanamo for a little "enhanced interrogation".

This vitriol followed a blog post by Jeff on Giant Bomb Video Game News hoping to abort the arrival of Gizmondo 2 (or 1.5 if you so prefer that).

“Self-described Swedish-American journalist Hans Sandberg has the inside track on the zombie handheld that just won't die. Yes, he claims to have seen the Gizmondo 2,” Jeff writes and continues: ”The new device, weirdly enough, seems to look exactly like the old one. The insides, however, will apparently sport a newer Nvidia graphics chip and will offer a choice of operating systems. So it'll be able to run Windows CE 6.0 or Google's upcoming Android OS. But you'll have to choose at purchase--you won't be able to change back and forth.”

On September 9th, Rich Jenkins, CEO of Media Power, unpacked and showed me a Gizmondo, which he said was part of the first shipment to reach the U.S. I admit that I made a mistake in not having him turn it on, but it was already late, I had a train to catch, and besides, I couldn’t see what he had to gain by pulling out an old Gizmondo.

People who say that the new Gizmondo looks exactly like the old one are right, because it does. Carl Freer told me a year ago that they decided to use the old design rather than to start on a new one in order to bring it to the market fast and inexpensive. After my September post about the December arrival of the re-launched Gizmondo, Carl Freer clarified that it still uses the first version of the chip set, but that he plans to upgrade it in a second release. With that clarification, the rest of my report stands as reported on my blog. Whether Carl Freer and his team manage to deliver on time is not up to me. The October launch of the website has obviously been postponed, but I would not rule the whole thing out because of that. October has after all been a rather rocky month for all of us, so if it forced Freer to push back his plan somewhat, I would give him the benefit of doubt.

Hans Sandberg

PS. Here is a real medieval tool for torture.
I found it in Siena in Italy and it works fine
without car batteries.

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