Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Gizmondo News In the Pipeline

This is a teaser. I hate to tease, but I have too much in my bag to just dump it here, so I will have to restrain myself. Sorry. The reason is that I sat down on December 2 with Carl Freer and his team in their New York office.

We spent three hours going over a lot of superhot stuff relating to Gizmondo's whereabouts, the state of Media Power, augmented reality and Carl Freer's plans. The same morning I got email from Denmark wanting to know if it was Carl Freer who had lent Stein Bagger, the fugitive Danish CEO of IT Factory the car that he used to drive across the country before turning himself over to he police in L.A. I had planned to deliver the news later that week, but the IT Factory thing blew up and it turned out that it was Carl Freer's partner Mikael Ljungman who had lent Bagger his Audi S8 although he didn't know then that Bagger was on the run, and once he found out convinced him to turn himself in. I did a lot of reporting about this for Berlingske Tidende, the leading Danish morning paper, and my reports were quoted by other papers and by radio and TV. That's the reason why I had to put aside my exclusive interview with Carl Freer where he reveals everything about Gizmondo, GetFugu and Media Power. Check back later to find out more. But bare with me as I pour over the interview, trying to sort out things. I'll be back!

Hans Sandberg

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