Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blatte United Won New York's Bowery Invitational Cup

(New York) The Swedish expat soccer team Blatte United FC beat Bowery FC 2, 1-0, in the Semi Finals of the Bowery Invitational Cup on Saturday, June 7 in Chinatown. It was a tough match under a scorching sun, but neither team buckled. After a short rest, Blatte United went on to defeat Bowery FC 1 by 3-0, and ultimately winning the Finals.

Marcus Samuelsson scored the goal for Blatted United in the final minutes of the game against Bowery FC 2. Oskar "Mohammed" Tilly shot the first goal against Bowery FC 1, while Medufia ”Keke” Kulego delivered the final two goals.

Watch Snippets From the Game and Blatte United's Victory Celebration!

Keke took a pretty bad fall, but kept fighting after a short break.

Marcus Samuelsson and Keke performs a victory dance.

Blatte United and friends.

Text & Photo: Hans Sandberg

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