Monday, July 26, 2010

My Dream Laptop - For Outdoor Use

One of the biggest paradoxes with laptops, notebooks, and netbooks (including the iPad) is that they are pretty much useless if you take them outside on a sunny day. Right now it's a sunny day here in Princeton Jct., NJ, and not too hot. I would love to move my work outside, but the thought of squinting in front of my laptop makes me stay right where I am, in front of my desktop.

OLED and Uni-Pixel's TMOS technology will probably give us portable color screens for use in full sunlight, but in the meantime, why hasn't anybody build a laptop/notebook/netbook as legible in sunlight as Amazon's Kindle? I would run out and buy one today. I don't need color to read and write outside. All I need is a screen that doesn't fade out!

That's my two cents....

Hans Sandberg

PS. If you read Swedish, you can read my 2001 reportage about OLED here!

The latest issue of Newsweek has a story about the Kindle vs. iPad. Read it here!

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