Monday, October 11, 2010

Elite Advice to Jobless Journalists: Go East Young Men, and Women

Tina Brown and Tom Brokaw seems to hav e seen the end of the tunnel for journalists left behind by the combined foreces of the recession and bloggerization of their trade. Move to India.

Here is a quote from Tina Brown as reported by New York Magazine:

"Young journalists [should] go work in India," she said. "There are so many great newspapers in India. I go quite a lot, actually. It has a very vibrant newspaper and magazine culture. There's a lot of energy in Delhi, a lot of newsmagazines. It's a very literary culture, it's great." What if we're staying put, though? "It's a transitional moment for journalists but it's much better, as a journalist, to be young than it is to be 50," she said. "So just wait it out and it'll get good again. I think there's a lot of very good talent coming up, I just worry for them because they have to get the experience. They have to be trained."
Former "NBC Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw recommends anybody with a college degree to leave the country once known as the land of opportunity:
"I wouldn't be looking just within our borders for opportunities. I'd be looking to see what the chances are of getting a job in the Middle East, for example. Or in India. Or in China, .... I've talked to a number of very senior American executives who -- so much of their work now is offshore -- say one of the things they need are people who are willing to pack up and go there and become middle managers."
Go East, young men and women! May the force be with you!

Hans Sandberg

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