Monday, January 10, 2011

Political Discourse in Tucson's Shadow: To Share the Blame, or Place It Where It Belongs?

The Wrath of Fools: An Open Letter to the Far Right
This is a hard-hitting letter by William Rivers Pitt, a young democratic activist and writer, who in 2004 was press Secretary for Dennis Kucinich. I'm sure it will be written off as fiery left-wing rhetoric by the same folks in media that never found an absurd and outrageous claim they didn't feel obliged to milk for ratings. Pundits, like the obnoxious Republican-turned-anchor, Joe Scarborough (MSNBC's "Morning Joe") are now preaching moderation, but such sudden even-handedness sounds fake to say the least. It's more damage control than serious rethinking.

Pitt doesn't mince his words. At first I felt that maybe he should tone it down a notch, but when you read the quotes at the end of the article, you can't really criticize him. The far right has pretty much had a monopoly on vitriol over the past decade or two, and they have gotten away with it. The left on the other hand has been feeble and defensive, ever afraid being called "liberal" or "socialist".

Hans Sandberg

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