Sunday, April 3, 2011

New York Times Dubs Dr. Hans Rosling Information Guru

The Swedish health expert Hans Rosling has attracted millions of fans since he gave his first performance at TED in 2007. Now he is a full blown web celebrity and - according to the New York Times - a "guru" in information design.

In an uncharted world of boundless data, information designers are our new navigators.       
They are computer scientists, statisticians, graphic designers, producers and cartographers who map entire oceans of data and turn them into innovative visual displays, like rich graphs and charts, that help both companies and consumers cut through the clutter. These gurus of visual analytics are making interactive data synonymous with attractive data.       
“Statistics,” says Dr. Hans Rosling, a professor of international health at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, “is now the sexiest subject around.”       
Dr. Rosling is a founder of Gapminder, a nonprofit group based in Stockholm that works to educate the public about disparities in health and wealth around the world — by offering animated interactive statistics online that help visitors spot trends on their own," Natasha Singer writes in i artikeln When the Data Struts Its Stuff.

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