Monday, October 7, 2013

More on New York's Next Mayor

Bill Keller, formerly executive editor at the New York Times, and currently an op-ed columnist, wrote a sensible piece about Bill de Blasio in the Sunday paper.

De Blasio was more surprising. As a candidate, he can come across as an outsider, this season’s insurgent, with a résumé that is long on community organizing and news conferences. So it was interesting to discover that he is also an astute student of how government works. Although he has had little executive experience, he has clearly paid attention during his time in the trenches of David Dinkins’s City Hall, the Clinton administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the public advocate’s office. Whether he can turn this education into practice is impossible to predict, but it is reassuring to know that he would arrive at City Hall with a sophisticated sense of the dynamics. (Being Mayor)


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