Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It Takes A Village Fool to Believe in Hillary's Experience

It's just words, Hillary said about Obama's speeches, but words that speak the truth are not just words. Hillary's words however are often just empty verbal vessels that you can combine into any message that fits your purpuse in life, which as we all know, is to become the First Woman President of the U.S.A. But to mean something, words need to be truthful, otherwise they can come back to bite you, like in this CBS report.

We're now waiting for Saturday Night Live to do a skit about Hillary - the Female Rambo, dodging bullets in Bosnia.... or more likely, dodging questions at a press conference.

Hans Sandberg

PS. Five Interesting Blogs About Hillary & Obama

The Long Defeat – By David Brooks

With a Powerful Speech, Obama Offers a Challenge -- By Bob Herbert

Haunting Obama’s Dreams – By Maureen Dowd

Hillary or Nobody? – By Maureen Dowd

Update on March 31st:
Read Frank Rich's analysis of Hillarys trouble with truth:

Hillary’s St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

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