Monday, March 17, 2008

A Beautiful Mind From West Africa That Became A Star For Obama On Youtube

Young, smart and eloquent. Derrick Ashong is a musician and an immigrant from Ghana in West Africa, and he has suddenly become a Youtube phenomenon.

He was interviewed outside the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on January 31, and he blew the interviewer away with his sharp and detailed answers to the onslaught of tough questions. The interview became a much viewed item on Youtube, and was followed by several other of his performances and speeches. In one Youtube post (the second one below) he explains who he is and where he comes from, which is a fascinating story that explains some of his eloquence and broad perspective, plus the fact that he is a Harvard graduate. It is not a coincidence as he has lived in several countries and works as a professional speaker for the Lavin Agency

Watch him!

More videos with Derrick Ashong.

Why I Support Obama - The Emotional Response

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Derrick Ashong Lecture

I would be surprised if the Obama camp doesn't recruit him. He is obasmic!

Hans Sandberg

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