Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hillary's Phony Toughness

What planet is she from? Maybe Mars? Definitively not Venus, despite those crocodile tears that was supposed to show her human side. It seems as if Hillary's supporters take a certain pride in her toughness; as if all the scandals and dirty business she and her husband has been involved in would somehow make her ready for the job, i.e. you have to be a real asshole to become President of the United States. That would be sad.

Besides, I see two problems here:

1) Hillary is not tough, but hides behind a heavy shield, which is why it's so hard to se the human being behind the mask. It was the same thing with George W. Bush, who is basically a wimp carrying a big stick, a man without qualities clinging to master Dick and/or God.

2) What the U.S. needs is not another Jerk-in-Chief; another leader beholden to special interests, and ready to do or say anything to have his or her ways with the world. We've had enough of that and look at where it got us.

If Hillary has no moral qualms about doing anything to win, what will she do as President? Who knows? I have no idea, except that she would pave the way for a Republican comeback in 2012.

Hans Sandberg

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