Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WSJ: Violent computer games is good for your career...

My son Erik, who is a leader of the top-ranked Rutgers' Starcraft team, sent me an article - "When Gaming Is Good for You" - from the Wall Street Journal. My first thought was that he is trying to mollify my concern about those long nights battling Korean and Swedish Starcraft II rstars, but then I read on, and yes, I was somewhat mollified. 
"Videogames can change a person's brain and, as researchers are finding, often that change is for the better. 
A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception. The specific benefits are wide ranging, from improved hand-eye coordination in surgeons to vision changes that boost night driving ability." 
My only remaining concern - as long as my son keeps getting As - is that he might develop carpal-tunnel syndrome. There goes the "improved hand-eye corrdination"....

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