Sunday, April 1, 2012

Republican Frontrunners Pulls Out of Race

A political trifecta hit the Republican primary race over the weekend.
Mitt Romney canceled his campaign to become the Republican candidate for President.
"I am sick of wasting my time and money on people who don't appreciate me," Romney told Fox News on Saturday night.
Meanwhile a teary-eyed Newt Gingrich announced his intention to leave Callista and become a Trappist monk.
"It's time for me to hold my tongue," Newt told "This Week in Politics" on Sunday morning.
As if this wasn't enough, Rick Santorum, declared that he was one of the three winners of the $640 million Megamillions loto.
"I'm through with Washington, and I have decided to launch a new Crusade to liberate Istanbul and then move on to defeat the infidels in Iran," a somber Santorum told Pittsburgh Gazette on Saturday.

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