Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama better win, or else.

Barack Obama has done a lot to mitigate the effects of Bush-Cheney recession, but not enough. His timid stimulus package was way too small, and he wasted too much time making nice with the Republicans. No he is trapped, and even a political moron such as Mitt Romney attracts a crowd. The explanation is the so many Americans still feel severe pain.

"Nearly two-thirds of people are concerned about paying for their housing, the poll found, and one in five people with mortgages say they are underwater. Four in 10 parents say they have had to alter expectations for the type of college they can afford to send their children. More than one-third of respondents said high gas prices had created serious financial hardships."
New York Times: Doubts on Economy May Give Romney Opening, Poll Finds
If Romney wins, America is bust. What more is, the American democracy would be going down the drain.
Obama better win, or else.

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