Friday, May 16, 2008

Bush Whacks Obama Who Smacks Him Right Back

After having being pounded by leading democrats and smacked by Barack Obama, George W. Bush changed his tune on Friday, saying that "I wasn't talking about Obama". Yeah, sure...

It wasn't just his usual blend of dimwittedness and slyness he displayed in Knesset, but his total disregard for the dignity that is supposed to go with the Presidency. It's plainly bad style to use a foreign arena when picking a partisan fight.

The whole thing backfired. It gave Obama a chance to fight back; to contrast Bush's imperial bluster with an intelligent approach to foreign policy. 

And poor John McCain who yesterday picked up where Bush left off failed to achieve anything else than to strengthen people's impression that he is running to become Bush III. And if that wasn't bad enough, news broke yesterday that McCain was for talking to Hamas before he was against it, causing his foreign policy attacks against Obama land in his own lap. 

Hans Sandberg 

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