Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is There A Sexist Bias Against Hillary?

It has been suggested that there is sexism behind the democratic voters preference for Barack Obama, rather than Hillary Clinton, but that is just another myth from the Hillary spin machine.

Sexism would probably have been the case if Hillary had become the democratic nominee, as older white republicans might have hesitated to vote for a woman the same way some older white democrats hesistate to vote for a black man. But we haven't seen any sexism in the democratic primary. To the contrary, sex has helped rather than hurt Hillary in this campaign.

I never had any problem with Hillary as a woman, and I might have voted for her, despite the fact that I find her too much like on of the boys in the traditional political game. What is so fresh about Obama is that he dares to be himself as a politician, but who knows who's behind that mask Hillary always wears? I don't know her, and the harder she fights to look like a fighter, the less I like her. In a way I feel bad for her, like I felt for Al Gore Jr., before he broke out of his shell and became a global hero. What she needs is not the White House, but a vacation as Larry David pointed out when he switched from Hillary to Obama. And while sipping a diet coke by the pool somewhere, she would do well reading Eckhart Tolle, the German zen master.

Hans Sandberg

For another take on the sexist issue, read Nathanial Bach's post Obama's Sexist Victory in Oregon on the Huffington Post.

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