Thursday, May 1, 2008

Obama Is Invisible To GOP Strategist Ed Rollins

Just who is Barack Obama anyway? asks GOP Strategist and Former Huckabee National Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins on Anderson Cooper 360° blog today. We don't know, is his answer, taking a cue from Hillary Clinton's slippery campaign.

I wrote him an answer on the CNN blog, and it goes likes this:

Who he is? I guess, you need to be a GOP Strategist and Former Huckabee National Campaign Chairman to be that clueless. What is it about Barack Obama that makes so many people trust him, from the little guy who is leaning republican to democratic superdelegates, former fed chairmen (Volker) and labor secretaries (Reich) and foreign policy experts (Brzezinski)? What is it that they all see, but Ed Rollins can't see? And what would an Ed Rollins have seen and thought about another young and inexperienced representative from Illinois, Abe Lincoln? Inexperienced? We don't know who he is? No record? Connections to suspicious black rebels (John Brown)... I guess you see what you want to see, and ignore the rest.

Hans Sandberg

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