Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama Shines As Orator After Oregon Victory

Barack Obama returned to Iowa after his strong victory in the overwhelmingly white state of Oregon. Even though Hillary won convincingly in Kentucky, her victory will not change the fundamentals in this campaign.

On Tuesday night, Obama announced in Des Moines, Iowa, that he now has the majority of the pledged delegats, and laid out his program in a powerful and passionate speech that left no uncertainty about who is the democratic leader in  this race. It was short, sharp and sassy.

There is now no way for Hillary to win the nomination unless she stages a coup that could split the Democratic party. Obama must be furious about her tactics and egotism, which has hurt the overall democratic campaign and aided John McCain's chances, but he gentlemanly waits for her to do what she needs to do - to muster as much strength as she can, maybe hoping to force her way into the VP-slot, before she bows out of the primary campaign.

Hans Sandberg

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