Saturday, May 17, 2008

So, Who Would You Hire? Clinton Or Obama?

In Kentucky, Hillary Clinton once again framed the primary election as a hiring decision. Well, let's think about it as a hiring decision.

Who would you hire?

Candidate A is a wealthy Washington insider who fudges her math (the popular vote is with me....), embellishes on her already inflated resumé (bringing peace to Northern Ireland), lies (ducking sniper fire in Bosnia), panders (no gazoline tax this Summer!), refuses to acknowledge a major mistake (voted to authorize Bush war in Iraq), and doesn't stop at playing the race card (Obama can't win the white working class!)

Candidate B, the son of a struggling single mother, is a brilliant young Senator who gave up a lucrative career as high paid Harvard educated lawyer to become a community organizer in Chicago, a man who has made it a matter of principle to run an honest campaign, refusing the sirens of the lobbyists, and instead leads one of the most innovative, well organized and successful election campaigns in U.S. history, a Senator who had the guts and good judgement to not vote to authorize the war.  

Well, I guess it's a hiring decision after all.

Hans Sandberg

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